Overheard in my house

The ranch on my pizza makes me feel like I'm eating a salad.

- Aaron


SF Vid

Check out this video.

From the email I got about it:

Amazing old video of San Francisco. This film was "lost" for many years. It was the first 35 mm film ever. It was taken by camera mounted on the front of a cable car. Look at the ladies dresses and the old cars alsoThe amount of automobiles is staggering for 1906. The clock tower at the end of Market Street at the Embarcadero wharf is still there ( the Ferry Building ). This film, originally thought to be from 1905 until David Kiehn with the Niles CA Essanay Silent Film Museum figured out exactly when it was shot. From New York trade papers announcing the film showing to the wet streets from recent heavy rainfall & shadows indicating time of year & actual weather and conditions on historical record, even when the cars were registered (he even knows who owned them and when the plates were issued!).. It was filmed only four days before the quake and shipped by train to NY for processing. Amazing but true.


Where dem bloggers at?

As Rihanna asks us, where the bloggers at? And by bloggers, I mean blogger and by blogger, I mean me.

  • The M.I.A. we all love (and missed) is back and pissing people off with this poignant video.
  • NPR, seriously? If you're going to extol Nicki Minaj as "the first woman in several years to penetrate hip-hop's hyper-masculine mainstream," please do not also put her in a pop music and cultural phenomena category with a 16 year-old kid who has to cancel his concerts when middle school girls get out of hand (and inspires blogs like this).
  • Republicans hate it when the government mandates health care, but they love mandating certain medical procedures for pregnant women, even if that woman was impregnated through rape or incest.


Overheard in the neighborhood

Woman carrying yoga mat to other woman carrying yoga mat: No Way! I could go get pregnant tomorrow.

Other woman in response: Do it!


More old things that are new again

  • San Francisco sandwich guide. I couldn't find it online, but the hard copy version has a note on page 14 about Arguello market, our fabulous little neighborhood grocer. World-famous turkey sandwiches are made there. They really are delicious. This one makes the list because it really just lists out the best sandwiches in SF, many of which we already knew about.
  • Anthony's cookies. A dear friend brought me far too many of them today and I was reminded of how good these cookies are. They kind of melt in your mouth and then you taste some other spice or flavor afterward that is also really delicious.
  • Just when we all finally stopped making jokes about Ricky Martin being gay, he actually comes out! I read about here first and was a little touched to hear what he said. It seems like something we all knew, but I think that it's probably a bigger deal than we realize since he couldn't come out and tell the public who he really is. I'm happy for him.


Hello Wheels, Gail Reid's book and other (new and old) discoveries

New exciting things:
  • John Shaw's band in Austin, Hello Wheels
  • Gail Reid (my friend Rose's mom) came out with the book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Cost Startups this past month. You can find her blog here.
Old things that I've rekindled my affections for:
  • Google Reader. Some of my more intellectual friends were singing its praises this past week and it reminded me of the days B and I would share articles and links with each other in the most efficient way possible. It's pretty awesome. If you also use it, let me know so I can follow you if you share interesting bits, or avoid you if you don't.
  • Comforts' Chinese Chicken Salad
  • The polenta recipe in B's New Basics cookbook. I made this recipe this week and the leftovers never seemed to get old. Polenta is delicious.
  • Four Tet. I was never a huge fan, but this song makes me like him again.


hurts so good

I've been waiting for She and Him to put out more... por fin!



Can you really review a prison on yelp? check it out here.

Also, Julia's YouTube debut